Hair Services

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Providing upscale and innovated hair services has been a trademark of Ecstasy Salon and Spa and its owner Bobby Barrios for over 30 years. Whether you are looking to freshen up your signature look or try out a brand new style our teams of specially trained stylists are ready to give your hair the shape and color that best defines you. Let your locks give a lasting impression on those you pass every day by visiting our salon conveniently located in the heart of Coral Gables.


Cut, trim, style, blow-dry, flat iron and curling are only among a few among the many services we provide. Consult with our salon specialists today to determine which lengths, layers and bangs would best suite your hair and facial profile. We would love nothing more to help you let your inner beauty shine out with the Florida sun..

Hair Extensions

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Give your look more body, length and luster with our high-quality hair extensions and the attentive care and service of our team of stylists. Because, why chose between “long” and “short” when you can have both! Every day can begin a new; don’t let your hair be limited when you can explore the endless possibilities our salon has to offer. Be as diverse as our beautiful city of Coral Gables can be.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect way to create immediate and dramatic results. We offer a variety in texture, length and color to help suite any occasion or style you are looking to achieve. Our team of trained professionals has mastered the techniques and skills required for successful real and natural looking hair extensions that give a lasting impression.

Conditioning Services

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Don’t let dry hair weigh you down, let us lighten your load instead using the best conditioning products available. Our Ecstasy Salon team can get you smooth, silky hair that you won’t be able to stop running your fingers through. Living in South Florida, everyone knows that beach hair is both a beauty and curse. Don’t let salt water do permanent damage, instead allow us to revitalize your roots and ends with our array of deep conditioning products.

Hair Conditioning Services

Is the Florida summer humidity causing your hair to frizz up? Curly hair is especially is effected by the hot and humid weather and prone to damaging dryness. At Ecstasy hair salon in Coral Gables our team of trained professionals can recommend the right conditioning treatment to heal your locks! Whether your hair is picture perfect straight, full of loose relaxed waves or fun and wild curls we know the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Don’t wait until it’s too late, deep conditioning will bring the best out in your hair today!


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Experience the invigorating and renewing benefits of a face or body treatment from our team of expertly trained specialists. Don’t let the hot Florida sun damage your beautiful face. You will not only see but also feel the difference in your skin after our team lifts all the dirt out of your pores the best products and techniques available to the market today.


Sweat, dirt and oils are all effects of the Florida climate that will clog your pores without proper intervention. Not just the dirty stuff, but even make up residue can cause acne without a deep facial cleansing. Our team of trained professionals can lift this weight from your face allowing you to feel bright, fresh and young again. Give yourself a day at the spa, relax and leave the hard work to us! We will leave you feeling clean and rejuvenated in no time at all!

Permanent Make-Up

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Look your best every day, effort free. Let our highly skilled and specially trained permanent make-up artists make sure you always look your absolute best. Leave behind your daily make up routines and start each day anew and worry free. Look your greatest from the moments your eyes open. Don’t compete with the beautiful cities of Miami or Coral Gables. Instead, allow them to compete with you.


Our Estheticians are specifically trained on how to create a beautiful look worth wearing every day. With today’s technology, there is no reason for allergies, disabilities vision problems or sensitive skin to hold you back from using your favorite make-up products. Whatever the reason may be, let us make beauty simple by performing permanent make-up art that allows you to look your best every day without lifting a single polished finger. Permanent make-up uses tattooing methods to permanently accentuate your eye lids, eye brows and lips. 


Eyelash Enhancers

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Kiss fake eyelashes good bye. Instead, give yourself a subtle change that provides dramatic results. Take your appearance to the next level with eyelash enhancers. Eyelash enhancers not only lengthen but also add a bold thickness to your eyes. Completely safe and natural in appearance, give your eyes what they need to stand out in the beautiful city of Miami.


Our team of trained professionals knows what it takes to give you a new look that is looks both real and sexy. Eyes are the windows to the soul; allow yours to look both inviting and stunning with this new treatment that is growing in popularity and demand. We know what it takes to stand out in a city as beautiful as Coral Gables, and our team is dedicated to making sure you are among the few whose good looks are simply unforgettable. 


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Even the smallest changes can transform your entire appearance. Allow our experienced wax specialists to sculpt and create a new look for any occasion. In a city as large and beautiful as Miami, it can be challenging to stand out, which is why our waxing specialists guarantee a unique performance for each client. Using your natural facial contours as guidelines, we can ensure that you will receive a look that cannot be duplicated.. 


Our services do not stop here; any curve or crevice can be hair-free in minutes. Available for both men and women, our certified professionals are trained in bikini, facial and body waxing. Our team knows that being gentle in addition to precise is essential in a successful hair removal process. 

Nail Services

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Give meaning to the phrase, “talk to the hand”. Allow your nails to speak for you with a wide variety of shades, styles and techniques. Whether you are looking for a long lasting gel or acrylic manicure or a simple pedicure, our nail specialists are ready to give you a unique piece of art available at your fingertips. Let us pamper you leaving your hardworking hands and feet feeling refined and refreshed.


Whether you are looking for a simple color to define your week or an original nail design, our qualified team is trained to meet your needs. Nail art is the latest craze, allow our beauticians to create an original masterpiece that you can take everywhere! Our work isn’t done until we hear the sounds “ooooh” and “aaaah”.

Color Highlights

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Whether you’re going for a whole new look or just want to subtly switch things up, highlights can
transform your entire style and help you look your best. From subtle and naturally beautiful to
high-contrast and unique, our team of expert colorists can ensure your locks are taken care of
and your new look is exactly what you’ve dreamed of.

With decades of experience across our team, our color experts are skilled in attaining the exact
color results you’ve imagined while never compromising the integrity and health of your hair.
From matching you with the right colors and products to styling your locks to perfection, you’ll
walk out of our doors ready to explore a brand new you!

Updo Hair Styles

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From weddings and graduations to professional events and lavish parties, look your best at your next special event with an elegant updo hairstyle. Ranging from intricate and sophisticated to flowing and organic, our stylists are highly trained and experienced in providing the ultimate in professional service.  

 From helping you find the perfect style for your special occasion to ensuring your updo works with your outfit and accessories, our team can help make sure your night, and your look, are perfect. Make your special occasion unforgettable with Ecstasy Salon and Spa.

Make-Up Artistry

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Whether there is a special occasion or you simply giving yourself the pampering you deserve, our creative make-up artists have brushes in hand and are ready to transform you into your most exquisite self-portrait yet. You won’t be able to resist taking a “selfie” when you walk out of our salon doors into the heart of Coral Gables. And after taking just one look, no one will be able to blame you.


Let our professionals advise you on the best tones, shades and techniques for better applying make-up in the future as well. We know you want to stand out on your special day, and we also know there is no limit to the beauty you can create in the future. Help us reach your full
potential; there is never a limit to how beautiful you can be.

Chemical Service

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Whether you’re going for a dramatic change or just touching up the look you already love, our stylists can help you create and keep the hair you’ve always wanted. At Ecstasy Salon and Spa our professional stylists are experts in the art of hair coloring. Whether it is full or partial highlight you have been wanting or a different color for a brand new you, our skilled and masterful stylists are here to help.

Chemical Services

At Ecstasy Salon and Spa we use only the finest products available like Goldwell, Redken, L`oreal and Schwarzkopf and many more. Tired of curly or wavy hair? We offer many different treatments to smooth or straighten your hair such as, Keratin, Hair Botox, Yuko and CHI. Or perhaps you feel you need to spice up your plain straight locks, allow us to reverse your look with perms and more. Different degrees of waves and curls are always achievable; speak to one of our many salon specialists today for more information.

Skin Services

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Refresh, rejuvenate, renew. Our spa treatments and skin services let you walk out of our doors with new and invigorating energy. Reverse damage done by the hot Florida sun and leave your skin ready to glow amongst the sandy Miami beaches. There is no reason to let your skin show your true age, renew yourself and allow your young at heart attitude to be worn on the inside and out.


Facials, permanent make-up, eyelash enhancers and make-up artistry are among only of the few skin services we provide. Speak to an Ecstasy Salon Specialist today to find out more details of all the renewing services we offer.